ITALIAN and Spanish authorities are investigating if the man who murdered two women in Torremolinos is responsible for other killings. 

Marco Gaio Romeo, of Nettuno (Italy), was arrested for allegedly stabbing his 28-year-old ex Paula to death at her apartment in May. 

The 45 year-old is said to have stabbed her 15 times with a knife of 20cm stolen from the restaurant where he worked. 

Paula, a mother of three, including a kid she had with Marco, had recently broken up with the Italian. 

It has been reported that Marco had assaulted Paula on previous occasions and that he often insulted and harassed her during their relationship. 

At the police station, he allegedly told some officers the body of a previous partner of his was hidden in the walls of the flat where they lived together, also in Torremolinos. 

He was referring to Sibora Gagani, an Albanian woman who disappeared in 2014. 

Sibora Gagani Foto
Sibora Gagani went missing in 2014

Gagani and Marco are said to have met in Rome in 2009 and moved to Torremolinos a year later. 

She returned to Italy in 2013 with the intention of ending the relationship, but went back to Torremolinos in 2014 to give it another try. 

Gagani, who was 22 at the time, was reported missing that summer, a few months after returning to Spain. 

Marco, who was the last person to have contact with her, told Gagani’s family she had left without notice and that he did not know where she was. 

Gagani’s body was found earlier this month at the flat where they used to live. 

After a search that lasted weeks, police were able to find the corpse using X-Ray technology. 

Photo Sibora Body 4
Sibora Gagani Body Discovered
Her body was found inside a box hidden in a fake wall.

It was placed within a box and hidden behind a fake wall he built. 

A bouquet of flowers was also found resting on her chest. 

A DNA test confirmed last week that the body found was Gagani’s. 

Elisabetta Shahini, the victim’s mother, said it was Marco who called her almost 10 years ago to ask her if she had returned to Italy. 

He told her they had had a fight after which she had left the house. 

The woman asked Marco if he had done something to her, even by accident, to which he said no. 

Shahini told the Italian press she wants justice.

It has been reported the alleged murderer also has two complaints for gender-based violence filed by two different former partners, including a restraining order. 

The 45-year-old is to be remanded in custody until a trial takes place. 

Meanwhile, Italian and Spanish authorities are investigating if he is responsible for the killing of other missing women in the Italian area of Nettuno. 

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