A TROUGH of cooler air is expected to move across Spain on Thursday bringing to an end the first heatwave of the summer.

Forecasters predict that temperatures will fall to normal lateJune values and could be accompanied in some areas by rain or hail.

The position of Azores anticyclone in the Atlantic will allow cooler northerly winds to reach Spain accompanied by a frontal system.

Ruben de Campos from the state meteorologist agency(Aemet) said: “The changes does not mean that temperatures will not be high especially in certain areas like the centre of Spain and south of the country.”

Temperatures could fall between three and five degrees, especially in the north-west, but elsewhere ranged between 36 and 40 degrees- especially in some parts of Andalucia.

Some localised storms including hail could occur in the Pyrenees, Catalunya, the south of Aragon, and the north of the Valencian Community.

The forecast is for a ‘hot weekend’ according to Ruben de Campos with regular midsummer temperatures of around 35 degrees, but reaching between 38 and 40 degrees in the Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys with ‘tropical nights’.

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