A NEW nadir was reached in Mallorca’s battle against drunk tourism when a Dutchman dropped his shorts and defecated on the cheek of a passed out holidaymaker.

Residents of Arenal de Palma were already fed up with tourists from Northern Europe when a video began circulating on social media captioned in Dutch: “This is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.”

The video shows a man in black shorts and t-shirt walk up to another man snoozing on a wall, turn around and pull down his pants.

Very rapidly and in broad daylight, he curls out two separate turds that fall onto the sleeping man’s face – thankfully off-camera – while his friend filming giggles.

The dumper then goes back in for round two and makes two more deposits on his poor victim.

“This is the famous Dutch tourism, which usually arrives from August 1 to 31,” Alain Carbonell, vice president of the Arenal Residents’ Association, told Ultima Hora.

“This is happening within the urban area of Arenal. They’ve gone out of control: heavily intoxicated, drugged, and filled with brutal aggression.” 

His association had previously raised concerns about German tourists who arrived in Mallorca without booking hotels, opting for 24 to 48-hour alcohol-fueled trips, purchasing their drinks at supermarkets.

Locals residing in Arenal had long singled out Brits as the ‘worst’ culprits for misbehaviour.

But now they have noticed Germans, Dutch, and even fellow Spaniards getting up to similar loutish escapades.

This summer in Mallorca – only half way through – has been punctuated not just by such behaviour, but also by serious crimes too.

Last week, six German tourists were arrested by the Policia Nacional in Palma over an alleged gang rape of a woman at a hotel.

And two weeks ago a British man was arrested at Palma Airport trying to flee Spain after being accused of raping his girlfriend hours earlier at their Magaluf area hotel.


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