MALAGA has achieved a remarkable milestone in its export performance, setting a historical record by reaching €1.296 billion in sales during the months of January, February, March, April, and May of 2023.

The province has emerged as the top performer in terms of growth, registering a remarkable 14.5% increase compared to the same period last year.

According to Extenda’s data, Malaga’s exports account for 7.6% of Andalucia’s total exports.

Despite the impressive figures, the province still maintains a negative trade balance of -€105 million due to importations worth €1.401 billion.

Malaga’s export ranks fifth among the region’s exporting provinces, and eight out of the top ten export categories in Malaga have shown substantial growth in the last year, with six of them achieving double-digit or higher growth rates.

The leading export category is animal and vegetable fats and oils, particularly olive oil, with sales of €203 million and a growth rate of 11.9%. Fruits, edible meat, electric machines, and optical equipment are also significant contributors to Malaga’s exports.

In terms of export markets, France leads the way, followed by Italy and the United States.

With these outstanding results, Malaga continues to strengthen its position as a major player in Andalucia’s export market.


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