MiColchon, the renowned Malaga-based company, is proudly expanding its footprint across Andalucía, with a new store opening in Estepona. 

The 300-square-metre centre is a sanctuary of tranquillity, housing an exquisite array of top-tier mattress brands, covers, pillows, bases, and sofas, all bearing the hallmark of Nessen’s finest craftsmanship.

The new MiColchon store in Estepona

MiColchon is already ubiquitous on the Costa del Sol, with stores up and down the coast, and Estepona marks the 11th jewel in the crown. 

Situated at Calle Fahrenheit, 2 in Estepona’s Industrial Park, the inauguration ceremony was attended by Mayor Jose María García Urbano.

The mayor – who won re-election just last May – loudly expressed his gratitude for the trust MiColchon has bestowed upon the town, 

This latest investment will create jobs and foster economic growth in the town, he said.

Bespoke Comfort: Unveiling the Grandeur

MiColchon welcomes its first 50 customers to the Estepona store with a sensational gift – a complimentary mattress. 

In the spirit of celebration, the store offers special inaugural prices, and patrons can revel in the company’s exceptional services and guarantees: free transportation, assembly, and disposal of used mattresses, an impressive 15-year warranty, and a luxurious 202-night trial period for their premium Nessen mattress collection, all while offering unbeatable prices on Europe’s leading sleep brands.

The Estepona store boasts the most advanced sleep systems and beds in Europe, showcasing international powerhouses such as Tempur, Sealy, Flex, Nessen, Relax, Hukla Germany, and Emma. 

In addition, customers can immerse themselves in the world of unparalleled relaxation with Stressless, the prestigious Norwegian brand renowned for its high-quality recliners, and MiColchon’s exclusive line of Nessen sofas, fully customizable with premium stain-resistant fabrics, top-tier Italian leather, and motorised relaxation features, including the innovative ‘zero gravity’ mode that enhances blood circulation and adjustable lumbar support.

Colchonología (R): Your Gateway to Serene Slumber

For those seeking personalised and restorative sleep solutions, MiColchon introduces Colchonología(R), an exclusive business philosophy that focuses on the most personalised and healthful sleep experience. Whatever your back ailment, MiColchon’s experts will craft the ideal sleep ensemble, ensuring utmost satisfaction.

Over 40 Years of Sleep Excellence

From its humble beginnings as Colchonería El Palo to evolving into a distinguished chain of specialised sleep stores, MiColchon has revolutionised the industry over four decades. 

Today, they reign supreme in the province, with 11 stores and a flourishing online presence that caters to customers nationwide. 

With a record-breaking year, selling 25,000 mattresses and over 5,000 sofas and recliners, MiColchon boasts a staggering half a million satisfied customers, underscored by a remarkable achievement – zero customer complaints.

Experience the Epitome of Slumber

With 11 stores dotting the province of Málaga, including Estepona, MiColchon is firmly committed to providing the ultimate sleep experience for all. 

From Vélez Málaga to Marbella, their stores are synonymous with exquisite slumber. 

For those seeking premium-quality sofas, Nessen Interiors awaits at Avenida Los Vegas, 64, where Italian leather, stain-resistant fabrics, and cat-scratch-resistant options will redefine comfort. 

Moreover, don’t miss their outlet at Avenida Los Vegas, 60, offering incredible discounts on mattresses, sleep systems, sofas, and accessories from revered brands.

Intrigued? Explore MiColchon’s offerings on their website and social media platforms at MiColchon.es.

You can find your local MiColchon store on the Costa del Sol here.

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