THREE prostitutes that had been trafficked from South America have been rescued in Fuengirola. 

The women have been freed as part of a Policia Nacional operation that started over a year ago and that has led to the arrest of seven people. 

The official police press release did not state the origin of the criminal organisation or the location within Malaga province of the searched flat. 

But a source has told the Olive Press that both the arrested and the victims are from South America and that the brothel flat was in Fuengirola. 

“The gang was structured and all seven members had a clear role within the organisation. The boss was also the pimp and had full control of the women,” a Policia Nacional spokesman told the Olive Press. 

It has been reported that the gang’s leader will also give them drugs for their consumption and to offer them to clients. 

During the flat search, agents seized a quantity of hash, marijuana and cocaine as well as over €2,000 in cash. 

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