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A POWERFUL gust of ever-changing wind frustrated the landing of a flight from Norway at Malaga Airport last Wednesday afternoon, August 2.

The challenging conditions affected the Norwegian flight covering the Trondheim-Malaga route, scheduled to arrive at 3:30 pm.

The skill of the pilot prevented the scare from escalating as shown in the following video which captures the moment when the aircraft’s pilot, arriving from Norway, attempts to land but climbs back up into the heights.

According to official sources, the manoeuvre performed by the pilot is standard procedure when the landing is not entirely safe, in this case due to episodes of shifting, gusty, and crosswind.

In these type of scenarios, the crew will add power to the engines to allow the plane to climb back into the sky to attempt a second landing and gives time for the controllers try to change the runway configuration if conditions permit.

These manoeuvres are not common, but with certain wind conditions, ‘one or two aborted landings’ are often recorded, according to airport sources.

Crews are always prepared for this manoeuvre during landing for safety purposes so that passengers are not put at risk, and on the second attempt, a smooth landing can be achieved.

In other instances, when the situation is more delicate, crews decide to divert to an alternative airport.


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