URINARY tract stones are one of the most frequent issues treated by urologists in Spain with hot temperatures forcing reported cases up by 30% over the summer months.

Simple changes in daily diets can reduce the risk of a stone being formed according to Dr. Bartolome Lloret, a urologist at Alicante’s Vithas Medimar Hospital.

“Environmental heat is one of the most recognised causes of stone formation which is more frequent in hot climates and in Spain at this time of the year.”

“High temperatures in the workplace cause big water losses due to high perspiration while vigorous physical exercise, especially in summer, can cause periodic dehydration and increased concentration of crystals in the urine which form stones,” he added.

Cases of urinary tract stones are also more frequent in patients who have a parent who has had kidney stones.

Dietary factors that promote the development of kidney stones and others that exert a protective effect have been identified so diet should be considered as an integral part of treating stone sufferers.

Dr. Lloret said: “There are a number of dietary factors that encourage stones to be formed like a high consumption of animal protein. a low intake of fluids, a high intake of sodium and eating of oxalate- a substance present in some foods of plant origin.”

Oxalate foods include walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, and chocolate-

The specialist recommends everybody especially at this time of the year to drink more than three litres of water per day backed up by eating healthier foods like cereals, fruit, and vegetables.

He also suggests reducing the consumption of butter, sausages, preserves, soups, dehydrated creams, cheeses and ham, as well as avoiding adding extra salt to meals.

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