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FOLLOWING recurrent sightings of wild boars in urban areas, including several boars which surprised beachgoers in Marbella last week, the Junta has introduced exceptional measures to control the wild boar population and curb their intrusion into these urban areas.

These measures include permission for targeted hunting of wild boars, deer, fallow deer, and mouflon from June 30 to August 27, using methods such as stalking and ambushing, as well as nighttime hunting, specifically for wild boars.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Sustainability, the drought-induced scarcity of water and food, combined with inadequate animal population densities, can lead to increased disease among wildlife and its transmission to livestock. This situation can also cause damage to natural habitats, vegetation, and livestock farms.

Therefore, the Ministry of Sustainability has implemented exceptional measures to reduce the number of specimens in the current exceptional circumstances with the aim of achieving an appropriate population size.

The Ministry is also aiding municipalities in setting up traps or contacting specialised firms for capture in urban areas, where local authorities hold jurisdiction.

The public is urged by municipalities to refrain from feeding these animals to prevent them from venturing into urban areas in search of food.

Among other measures, the suspension of all wild boar restocking in hunting reserves in Andalucia will be maintained. In exceptional cases, and upon request, specific cases may be considered for approval.

In designated hunting areas, the use of target illumination devices, night vision, or thermal sights is exceptionally allowed on certain firearms during nighttime stalking, enhancing accuracy and safety.

Controlled hunts may be conducted after the hunting season ends until March 15, but simultaneous hunting of other species will not be allowed.

Due to this year’s climatic conditions, a one-time and concentrated provision of a small amount of plant-based food or feed, at a distance between 40 and 75 meters from the ambush point, is authorised with a maximum lead time of 3 days before the ambush.

The provision of meat-based food or distribution/dissemination of food away from the ambush point remains prohibited.


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