GRANADA, the historic Spanish city nestled against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains, has emerged triumphant in a recent Twitter vote, securing the title of ‘Spain’s most beautiful city.’

The online competition, organised by the Twitter account ‘Relatando historia,’ captured the attention of thousands of users who cast their votes to determine which city held the crown of visual allure.

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The nature of beauty is undoubtedly subjective, often defined by individual perspectives and preferences. However, when a substantial consensus arises on a public platform like Twitter, it signals a collective appreciation for certain aesthetics, reflecting the distinct charm and appeal that a place holds.

The Twitter account ‘Relatando historia,’ known for sharing historical insights and curiosities, kickstarted the competition using a tournament-style framework.

This format organised various Spanish cities into a series of elimination rounds, culminating in a showdown between two distinguished Andalucian cities: Granada and Sevilla.

In a closely contested final, Granada clinched the title with a notable 52.7% of the votes.

This victory over Sevilla, which garnered 47.3% of the votes, solidified Granada’s reputation as a city renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and architectural splendor.

This recognition is particularly meaningful as it comes from a diverse pool of Twitter users, each offering their unique perspective on what constitutes beauty.

Beyond the top two contenders, Cadiz secured a commendable third place in the rankings, further affirming the diverse range of aesthetically pleasing cities across Spain.

The final Twitter-based rankings are as follows:

1 – Granada

2 – Sevilla

3 – Cadiz

4 – San Sebastián

5 – Salamanca

6 – Zaragoza

7 – Gijon

8 – Vitoria

9 – Leon

10 – Oviedo


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