AFTER A SWELTERING week in Spain, temperatures are due to drastically fall in some parts this weekend thanks to the arrival of a mass of cold air from the Atlantic.

That’s according to the Aemet state weather service, which says that the change in conditions will start to be felt in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula during the course of today, Friday. 

Rain is also forecast in Cantabria with a chance of storms on the country’s Mediterranean coast. Winds will pick up in the Ebro Valley, the Balearic Sea and mountainous areas in the northern half of the peninsula. 

The Cantabrian coast will see highs of 22 to 24ºC as a result of the arrival of the cooler air, and the change will be felt on Saturday in other inland areas with highs of 32 to 34ºC. 

The cool conditions will not, however, be felt everywhere, with temperatures continuing to exceed the 40ºC mark around the Guadalquivir Valley in the southwest of Andalusia. 

The fall in temperatures will continue into Sunday across the peninsula, apart from in the southeast, the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands, which will likely be the only areas to exceed temperatures of 30ºC.

Also on Sunday storms are expected in the northeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with minimum temperatures to fall as low as 10ºC in mountainous areas in the north such as the Pyrenees.

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