ACTIVITY is resuming at the Port of Malaga, marking the onset of the highly anticipated cruise tourism season in the capital city.

Following the summer season, the port facility enters its peak period, which spans the autumn months.

Consequently, the Port of Malaga anticipates welcoming a total of 200,000 passengers over the next two months, as part of the 117 scheduled stops through November.

The positive trend in passenger traffic, from late 2022 to the present, suggests a notable rise in cruise passengers compared to the previous year.

According to Carlos Rubio, president of the Port Authority of Malaga, ‘2023 is outperforming 2022.’

“While the number of stops remains similar to last year, the difference lies in the higher occupancy levels this year, in contrast to the lower occupancy caused by the Omicron variant in 2022, which significantly impacted the tourism sector.” Rubio informed.

640px Malaga Port 2
Cruise ship docks at Malaga Port.

In 2022, the Port saw a strong performance with a total of 342,045 passengers throughout the year. This year, the numbers are on the rise.

“We are on track to end this year with almost 500,000 cruise passengers.” Rubio added.

November is expected to be the busiest month for cruise arrivals this autumn, with a total of 49 stops scheduled and Friday, November 3rd, stands out as the peak day, featuring the arrival of five cruises of varying sizes.

Among the notable stops during the autumn season, seven ships from various companies will make their inaugural visits to the Port of Malaga.

Three of which are new luxury-premium vessels, with the ‘Seabourn Pursuit’ recently docking at the Palmeral Terminal. The ‘Viking Neptune’ is set to arrive today Friday, September 15, and the ‘Silver Nova’ will overnight on September 22 at the South Dock.


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