ANOTHER priest has been arrested in Malaga, this time for violating a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend and harassing her on the motorway.

The priest, identified as Venezuelan RJB, born in 1985, allegedly pulled up along the victim while driving down the A7 motorway near a shopping centre in Rincon de la Victoria.

He was later arrested when his ex, identified as JM, also Venezuelan, born in 1992, complained to police that had driven erratically, accelerating and braking and dazzling her with his high beams.

The woman had previously filed a complaint with the Torremolinos Police when the two had lived together as a couple. 

She later moved to Madrid to escape her priest lover after a series of alleged disputes.

However, the harassment did not end and she filed another complaint in October 2022 at the Ciudad Lineal police station in Madrid.

A court issued a restraining order after it determined that RJB had been bombarding her with phone calls and messages urging her to return to Malaga.

The arrest of another member of the clergy will shock malagueños after the arrest of a priest for alleged sexual assault on several women whom he sedated and filmed. 

The investigation started in Melilla, where the priest had worked before relocating to Málaga.

It was based on a complaint from his partner, who discovered a hard drive in their shared residence containing explicit photos and videos of partially clothed, unconscious, or sedated women subjected to various sexual acts.


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  1. Ok, not good. But at least it was a “girlfriend” and not an altar boy. When will the Church turn back to its’ original doctrine, which allowed Priests to marry? Sure would fix a lot of modern day problems…

    Location : Marbella

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