A YOUNG woman has been left with ‘wounds’ after being ‘devoured’ by bedbugs in Spain. 

In comes as the French government has had to take special measures, including deploying fumigators across Paris to control a surge in the pests. 

Now, their numbers are soaring in Spain and the National Association of Environmental Health Businesses has warned the issue cannot be contained by borders. 

Between January and September this year, bed bug plagues have grown 71% compared to the previous year. 

According to plague specialist Anticimex, Madrid has seen the highest number of reports, followed by Barcelona, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Aragon. 

The region has recently become centre stage of the bug epidemic, with a dancer hospitalised from bites she received in Zaragoza. 

María Perez, a dancer for Spanish singer Chanel, showed her injuries in a viral TikTok video, saying ‘they have literally devoured me’. 

The dancer showed bites on her face, arms and neck in the video, which now has over 39 thousand views. 

She said: “I couldn’t sleep at all, they wouldn’t stop biting me. In fact, I even have wounds. As soon as I woke up I went to the pharmacy and they gave me a cream for the bites. That night, I went to hospital because I was bitten all over and I wanted some medicine.

“Nobody wants this. Being bitten is horrible, they bit me so much. I put the cream on four times a day and it still hurts.”

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