A SERIES of hair salons were discovered to be using banned cosmetics made from sheep placenta and other cancer-causing products.

Police inspections of the salons in the Usera neighbourhood of Madrid uncovered a host of health and safety violations that left them stunned.

Among the first things they found were 82 vials labelled in Chinese, but believed to be made from sheep placenta.

But that was just the start of the shocking finds, which included razor blades that had been reused on multiple clients – a practice strictly prohibited for hygienic reasons.

Cosmetics containing ‘lilial’ were discovered – a fragrant allergen banned in the EU and blacklisted as carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction.

Inspections turned up a microblading machine with inks that had expired back in 2019, containing injectable vitamins and vials that experts could not identify.

And the shocks did not end there –  the salon’s staff toilets were found to be in a terrible state, with gaping holes in the ceiling and various stains. 

Another toilet also had a collapsed ceiling due to a drainage problem.

Meanwhile, the salon’s fridge was found crammed with beer glasses and shots, while rubbish and plates with leftover food littered the premises. 

The hair rollers and brushes were not disinfected, there was no specific storage for towels, and surfaces like counters and carpets were left unsanitised.

The police also observed numerous hygienic and sanitary infractions. 

These included improperly stored fire extinguishers, walls and ceilings coated with non-washable paint, massive dirt stains, damaged chairs and sofas, beer bottle caps strewn across the floor, and a bathroom lacking basic facilities like running water, toilet paper, or wipes.

The seized items were handed over to pharmaceutical control technicians working for the Community of Madrid, who quickly requested the closure of the salons.


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