NOTORIOUS terror group the Islamic State has called for a fresh wave of jihadi attacks on Jews and Christians throughout Europe.

In a chilling message spread through Telegram, ISIS urged its followers – who it called the ‘lions of Islam’ – to rise up and commit atrocities.

It comes after Spanish authorities have made numerous counter terrorism arrests in the past year.

The terror group recently proved its murderous intent with a devastating double suicide bombing in southern Iran.

The blasts tore through the roads leading to the cemetery where former commander Qasem Soleimani is buried on the fourth anniversary of his assassination by US forces.

It resulted in the deaths of at least 84 people, with over 200 injured.

The call will alarm Spanish law enforcement, which has been busy in recent months dealing with jihadi elements within its borders.

And it comes not long after officials in Brussels warned there would be a ‘high risk’ of terror attacks across Europe over Christmas – a risk that did not come to pass. 

Last month three highly radicalised teenagers, aged between 14 and 18, were arrested in Madrid and Barcelona for planning to create a ‘Mother of Satan’ bomb, as used in the 2017 Las Ramblas attack in Catalan capital. 

13 December 2018, France (France), Straßburg: A policeman is standing in the city centre after an attack in the area of the Strasbourg Christmas market. The anti-terror specialists of the Paris public prosecutor’s office have taken over the investigation. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

In the same month, a 44-year-old imam, who also worked as an Arabic language teacher at a Madrid mosque, was arrested by the Guardia Civil. 

He is accused of attempting to recruit candidates to join the Islamic State (DAESH) terror group and trying to radicalise minors.

In November, two Brazilian brothers were hauled out of their homes by armed Guardia Civil working with the American FBI over links to ISIS.

Top Jihadi recruiter, Mustafa Maya was arrested in Melilla on October 23 and ‘Said B’, a Jihadist Tiktokker arrested in Barcelona for planning attacks on the Jewish and LGBT communities. 

Also in October, a 22-year-old suspected jihadist was arrested in Huetor Tajar, Granada, as part of Spain’s anti-terror crackdown following attacks in France and Belgium.

Three more suspected jihadists were also arrested.

The most recent Jihadist attack in Spain was at two churches in Algeciras, near the tourist mecca of the Costa del Sol, in January this year.

It followed a 2017 attack by an Islamic terror group in Barcelona in which 15 people were killed and at least 136 injured. 


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