‘EVERYONE is on the street is with me- especially the women!’ claims Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales has maintained the kiss was ‘just a peck’ Photo: Cordon Press

The disgraced former UEFA Vice-President made the claim in interviews with El Español and OK Diario. 

Published this Tuesday, January 9, they rehashed the ‘non consensual’ kiss he gave Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso, during the Women’s World Cup prize giving ceremony. 

The ex-president of the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) said: “Everyone in the street is with me- especially the women!

“Everyone who stops me in the street says it’s a huge injustice.” 

Rubiales, who has also worked as a lawyer, says ‘not one’ of his colleagues in the law profession ‘think a crime has been committed’. 

However, the former footballer doubts the case will be thrown out. 

He said: “I think no one believes it was sexual assault, no one really believes Jenni Hermoso.

“Does that mean the judge will throw out the case? I think there’s a lot of pressure and it’s not easy…they will have to be brave to take such a controversial decision.” 

During the interview, Rubiales also referenced political pressure and ‘key enemies in certain institutions’.

These include the ‘extreme left’, the President of the International Football Association, the media, the President of the Spanish Professional Football League and various politicians. 

Rubiales also suggested that his daughters heard Jenni Hermoso say the kiss was ‘just a peck between friends’. 

He also suggested that the upcoming court case into the incident would bring ‘suprising’ details to light. 

Judge Francisco de Jorge is investigating Rubiales on charges of sexual assualt and coercion. 

Jenni Hermoso maintains the kiss was not consensual Photo: Cordon Press

As part of the case, Jenni Hermoso testified last week that the kiss was ‘at no point consensual.’

In a private hearing, on Tuesday, January 2, she also alleged that Rubiales and other officials tried to pressure Hermoso and her family to ‘downplay’ the incident. 

Among them is head women’s coach Jorge Vilda, men’s team director Albert Luque and RFEF marketing boss Ruben Rivera.

Leaving the court, she said: “Now, everything is in the hands of the justice system. 

“The judicial process will continue its course, thank you for your support.”

The judge will now hear testimony from Hermoso’s teammates, coaches and federation officials before deciding whether the case should go to trial. 

The incident occurred during the Women’s World Cup prize giving ceremony. Photo: Cordon Press

If convicted under a 2022 sexual assualt law known as ‘Only Yes Means Yes’, Rubiales could face up to four years in prison. 

Rubiales has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and insists the kiss was ‘just a peck’. 

A judge imposed a restraining order on Rubiales in September and he has been banned from participating in football activity for at least three years. 

The ban will last until after the 2026 Men’s World Cup, but will expire before the next women’s edition in 2027.

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