A SIGNIFICANT number of men in Spain ‘strongly or somewhat agree’ that ‘we have gone so far in promoting women’s equality that men are now being discriminated against’, according to a Centre for Sociological Research(CIS) survey.

The questions looking at perceptions of equality between men and women, as well as gender stereotypes, showed that 41.1% of males thought that things had gone too far, with 32.5% of women backing that proposition.

The findings also reveal that 67.2% of women believe that the inequalities that exist between them and men are ‘very large or quite large’.

Some 22.4% of those women interviewed indicate that the differences are the same as a decade ago with 81.2% of them saying that ‘they will not achieve equality unless men also fight’ for their rights.

The CIS survey was carried out in November with 4,005 people aged over 16 years of age interviewed.

It shows that on a working day women spend more time on household chores than men, with women spending 172 minutes on average per day with men clocking up 126.76 minutes.

The gap increases further when asked about childcare during a working day, with women having 412.25 minutes with their children, while men spend about 228.88 minutes.

For 67.8% of women, the situation for girls to access a position of responsibility is worse, and 50.9% of men think the same, who also state that 39.7% say that women have the same opportunities.

A massive number of women- 78.1%- agree with the statement that ‘women have to work harder’ to prove that they can do the same job, while the percentage drops 26 points when men are asked the same question with 51.8% agreeing and 46.3% denying that this is the case.

When asked about stereotypes, for 66.5% of those surveyed, watching pornography is more typical of men than of women and the same goes for paying to have sex as 84.9% state that it is more typical of the male sex.

On the other hand, 55.6% indicate that talking openly about feelings is more typical of women.

Almost half of men- 49.2%- have heard sexist comments from friends or family, while the figure is similar among women (45.6%).

Over gender discrimination at work, 9.7% of women say they have witnessed it, compared to 5.4% of men.

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