A NEW report has praised the much-maligned Spanish driver for their courtesy and identified the ‘driving styles’ for each of Spain’s major cities.

It goes so far as to give a clear road map of ??where the most courteous drivers in the country can be found.

Zaragoza leads the way across Spain, with drivers known for their respect for traffic rules and consideration for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Zaragoza’s drivers stand out for their patience and politeness on the road, according to Dominic Wyatt, an expert at the International Drivers Association.

Residents in Madrid will surely recognise their fellow drivers’ strict adherence to speed limits, which contributes to the well-known smooth and safe traffic flow in the Spanish capital.

Over in Barcelona, the drivers are universally recognised for their excellent signalling as they plough through the city’s grid layout – particularly in using indicators for changes of direction.

A new report praises Spanish drivers for their courtesy. Image: Dall.E 3

Down in Malaga, those out for a stroll will no doubt be fully aware of drivers’ precise stopping – especially at bus stops, where pedestrians get on and off without fear.

But it is the pedestrians of Sevilla who are really spoiled, with drivers who would never think of steaming through a pedestrian crossing, instead habitually stopping completely.

For drivers who can only marvel at such courteous behaviour, Wyatt offers some key tips.

They include signalling well in advance of a manoeuvre, respecting traffic rules, prioritising pedestrians, staying calm, and giving fellow drivers a friendly wave when they’ve done something courteous.

The report surely leaves no doubt that, from Zaragoza to Sevilla, considerate and respectful driving is a hallmark of Spanish road culture.


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