Monday, June 17, 2019

MRI victims take to the streets

Members of the MRI victims support group deliver a petition to Downing Street

Costa del Sol StreetO charity raises sweet zero

A Costa del Sol charity set up by former off-plan property salesman has failed to raise any money in two years

Turkish property scam exposed in Spain

Police are clamping down on a Turkish property scam that cost dozens of people across Europe their life savings

Another Most Wanted is captured in Spain

Dennis Patrick O'Brien was arrested in a Calahonda bar on the Costa del Sol as part of Operation Captura


A Muslim family denounces a teacher for mentioning ham in their son's class


EXCLUSIVE: The horses facing a happy Christmas after escaping from ‘horse killer’ Suzanne Jenkins

Whitehall to the rescue

UK government brings in an expert property advisor to deal with property scams

Motorway gets the bird

Toll road to Ronda threatens over 100 rare species

Villa destruction

An illegal villa of a Russian oligarch is finally being demolished

Off-plan mirage wipes out millions

A hundred Northern Irish families lost six millions of savings in a bogus property off-plan near non-existent Disneyland Estepona

Spain and USA swap treasures

Spain received unofficial help from the American government in its legal battle for the sunken Black Swan treasure, Wikileaks reveals

Andalucia plans to expand protected areas

Proposals receive support from town halls, ecologists, businesses and central and local government

Hospital evacuated as heavy rain brings severe flooding to parts of Andalucia

Hospital patients and residents in Sevilla are evacuated following torrential downpour

Car tax trouble

EXCLUSIVE by Wendy Williams: Expat landed with 300 euro tax bill for car she sold three years ago

Vodafone dongle dupe

EXCLUSIVE by Anatoly Kurmanaev: "I was overcharged 600 euros by Vodafone, which gave me a ‘credit note’ to make up"

Spanish flights resume after strike by air traffic controllers

The controllers were protesting about a new working hours decision approved by the Spanish cabinet

A new meaning for the word ‘special branch’

Farmers banned from planting new orchards in 16 towns in case they interfere with planes

Sick as a parrot as ‘Sick Mick’ gets off

Ecstasy pills were in fact caffeine

Top of the class

A language school in Malaga is the best in the world

Repossession timebomb

Thousands could be affected as British couple face losing UK home after defaulting on their Spanish mortgage

Cruising destination

Cruise ship tourist visits to Malaga are set to double following the impending launch of the new port terminal

Football magnate’s tobacco hoax up in smoke

Former boss of Malaga FC is jailed for illegal tobacco trading

Trailer park clash

Claims of assault and intimidation as police step into expat caravan park battle

Anarchist bomb pair in double trouble

Activists handed seven years for sending letter bomb to fascist group

El Horrible in trouble

Supreme court rules that Algorrobico should not have been built

Laptop? They might as well be lopped off

Using laptop computers could lead to infertility in men