Saturday, July 11, 2020

Spanish tax authorities cracking down on fraud in nightclubs

The raids have included more than 500 tax inspectors and law enforcement officers

Marbella restaurant gets TV makeover on Gordon Ramsay style show

The restaurant’s new menu will be a German-Mediterranean fusion

Pokemon Go app finally arrives in Spain

It now has more active daily users than Twitter

Antequera dolmens receive UNESCO World Heritage status

They are described as outstanding examples of megalithic architecture

Spanish airline calls strike for peak summer period

Spain is expecting a record number of visitors this summer

Legal specialist helping 100,000 Brits owed €5 million in lost home deposits

Banks are making it difficult for expats to reclaim

A third of Spanish jihadists wanted to attack Spain and most were part of ‘wolf packs’

Hatred of European values was found to be a driver behind radicalisation

Fighting corruption costs the Spanish almost €90 billion each year

An average of ten new cases are discovered each month

La Linea-San Roque fire officially ‘under control’

Earlier reports confirm that arson caused the fire

La Linea arson leaves cars burnt out, buildings damaged and residents forced to evacuate homes

The mayor of San Roque has confirmed that arson is to blame for the fire

House of Commons to hold debate on second referendum after historic petition

The House will hold the debate in early September

Five injured in Pamplona bull run

The run was not only safe, but also fast

72 hours in Lisbon

Lance Rutkin jets to Portugal to discover how to get the most out of the capital over a long weekend

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera rejects Mariano Rajoy government

Rivera bemoaned the lost hope for a three-way consensus government

Dad flies to Spain on passport of 12-year-old daughter

The couple had not realised their mistak until they arrived at immigration at Malaga

Spain officially in breach of EU public spending rules

Spain has ten days to request zero sanctions

Prostitutes being offered scholarships in Madrid to get them off streets

The 31 women will have classes on social and personal skills

Solar-powered plane departs from Sevilla on penultimate leg of world tour

The final leg of the trip is from Cairo to Abu Dhabi

Where you can and cannot drink tap water in Europe revealed

The infographic warns of diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera

Fire breaks out in Marbella beach bar

Nobody was injured in the fire at a chiringuito