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Policeman in Spain reports woman for ‘non-consensual kiss’ she planted on him as he brands alleged act ‘disgusting’ amid...

A MALE riot officer from Spain’s National Police force has filed a lawsuit after he was kissed on the mouth by a woman during...

Catalan premier takes advantage of political stalemate in Spain to push for independence referendum

THE REGIONAL premier of Catalunya today took advantage of the stalemate after last week’s general elections in Spain to put pressure on the Socialist...

Catalan politician Clara Ponsati, wanted by justice system for role in independence drive, arrested on return to Spain

Catalan politician Clara Ponsati, who is wanted by the Spanish authorities for her involvement in the 2017 independence drive in the region, was arrested...

Politician wanted for involvement in 2017 Catalan independence drive returns to Spain but fails to hand herself in

CATALAN politician Clara Ponsati, who is wanted by the Spanish authorities for her role in the 2017 independence drive in the region, has returned...

EU court ruling may see extradition of former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont a step closer 

A COURT ruling published on Tuesday may mean that former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont is a step closer to being extradited to Spain from...

Five years later, 45 National Police officers could face trial for excessive force at illegal Catalan independence referendum 

A TOTAL of 45 officers from Spain’s National Police force could see the inside of a courtroom for their alleged excessive use of force...

Boos and jeers at pro-Catalan independence demonstration in Spain’s Barcelona show splits in the movement 

SOME 6,500 people came out in Barcelona to protest on Thursday morning in support of independence for Catalunya. The demonstration coincided with a French-Spanish...

After making concessions to Catalan politicians, Spain’s prime minister rules out more talks

FOR THE government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the proces, as the Catalan independence drive is commonly known, is now the past. There will,...

Catalan separatist leader battling extradition from Scotland says she will face ‘show trial’ if sent back to Spain

The University of St Andrews professor said she faced a ‘show trial’ if the UK sends her to trial in Spain

UK police in diplomatic pickle after calling Spain’s arrest warrant for Catalan separatist leader ‘disproportionate’

British authorities have since backtracked on the comments, trying to pass them off as a misunderstanding.

UNPRECEDENTED: Up to 500,000 Catalans take to the streets to protect remaining polling stations

Huge crowds have answered calls from referendum organizers and turned up hours before voting is set to start to protect remaining polling stations. Local radio...

SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Government believe polling station shutdown has been a success

GOVERNMENT figures in Madrid are increasingly confident they have struck a huge blow to Catalan secessionists ahead of tomorrow’s vote. Enric Millo, the central government’s...




Diplomatic storm brewing as Red Arrows display in Menorca cancelled last minute in retaliation for Spain blocking Gibraltar show 

A DISPLAY by the Red Arrows over Menorca has been cancelled at the last minute amid claims that Spanish authorities had blocked the team...


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