Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Catholic Church rakes in record €284 MILLION from taxpayers in Spain

THE Spanish Catholic Church earned a record €284 million from taxpayers last year, figures have claimed.  Some 7,191,387 people opted to make a contribution to...

Catholic church facing fine over neglect of ancient temple in Barbate

The diocese could be facing an administrative fine from the Ministry of Culture

Woman in Spain rescued after ‘blood-curdling screams’ alert police to her exorcism

Sanctioned exorcisms are regularly carried out by the Catholic Church in Spain

Spain marks 40 years since Franco’s death

At least 16 Catholic churches are to hold services

Podemos fights to make a Catholic cathedral public property

Political party have asked that another 30 cemeteries and churches in Aragon be 'given back'

Praying for change: in the Catholic Church

Has the Granada sex scandal brought the Catholic Church to its knees?

Catholic church ‘present distorted historical account’ of Cordoba Cathedral

Secularist petition against phasing out of cathedral's Islamic past.

Pope Benedict XVI to step down

The pope last visited Spain in August 2011 but faced complaints about the high cost of the event

Spain’s Catholic Church in property tax row

Calls for Catholic Church to be taxed on unused buildings

Religion in Spain: Discuss…

As Spain launches a campaign to encourage religious tourism, Wendy Williams – confused by the fanaticism around Semana Santa while most people claim to be non religious - dips her toe into one of Spain’s most heated debates

Devil’s art binned in Spain

Police and dustbin men destroy young student’s controversial work at Malaga art fair


DEAR JENNIFER:- Why do I need to get insurance and funeral plans urgently sorted now?

I personally am feeling very upset about Brexit as no lorries seem to be getting here and English supermarkets are getting emptier...