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A YOUNG woman has been rescued from a ‘cult exorcism’ in Spain after neighbours heard her ‘blood-curdling screams’.

Spanish cops were called to an apartment near Plaza de la Gesta in Oviedo, northern Spain, following calls from concerned residents.

“I heard a woman screaming and it frightened me,” said one neighbour, “The screams were blood-curdling, like she was being slowly murdered.”

A ‘shamen’ is thought to have led the exorcism, with several other young people present.

“It absolutely had nothing to do with sanctioned Catholic exorcism,” said Benito Gallego, dean of Oviedo Cathedral.

“It may be that it was some sort of cult ritual, faith healing or voodoo, but is far removed from the exorcism practised by the Catholic Church.”

Sanctioned exorcisms are regularly carried out by the Catholic Church in Spain.

The woman, thought to be from South America, was hospitalised after being found in a ‘state of great mental anguish’.

She has since been discharged with no physical injuries.


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  1. Exorcism, whether practiced by the Catholic Church or not, is based on the superstition of Satan and devils. It is an exercise in futility since these creatures, which an exorcism is supposed to free people of, do not really exist.

    The Deist Thomas Paine was correct when he wrote in The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition, that we need a revolution in religion based on our innate God-given reason and Deism. This will free people from the fear-based superstitions of the “revealed” religions.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

  2. satan demons and evil spirits, all forms of fallen angels are real, whether you believe in them or not,
    many years ago they would show themselves in various forms and ways, witchcraft curses and many other things, as people “progressed” these forms of manifestation changed, mainly because Satan with all his minions found it better to work behind the scenes because it was easier to harm people if hidden, they naturally thought that if people didn’t believe in them because of the advance of “knowledge” then they would discourage people from believing in anything spiritual, after all, if there was seen to be demons etc then it might seem more reasonable to accept that there may be a God, Satan is a deceiver and wants Bob Johnson to reject him and all spiritual things as that will steer him away from any belief in the supernatural, these days however Satan is changing his tactics, he’s not so afraid to reveal himself, and interest in the occult and the need for exorcisms will rise more and more, why? because Satan knows his time is short, we are seeing and will see evil such as we’ve never seen before, the enemy is real and powerful,
    the time for this earth is also short, God is real, God wants you to be safe, believe in him, believe in his word,
    people have replaced God with their own limited reasoning through blindness and arrogance, so much of what is taught today in our schools as fact is lies, wake up world, Satan is behind every lie that ever gets told,

  3. So much of what was taught in schools was to maintain control of the serfs by the priests of darkness controlled by Rome and the Protestants were at it as well by burning women as witches .

    Later on politicians got in on the act as well on both Left and Right – religion and politics two sides of the same coin – insanity.

  4. While not a supporter of the Catholic Church nor the behaviors described here, of course all evil stems from Satan, just as all good derives from God. Satan and the demons who are led by him influence humanity in all kinds of ways–ISIS alone reflects his true character as a destroyer and hateful deceiver. But more often, as Pedro says, Satan and his demons mask themselves and their followers as agents of light and `enlightenment`–even exactly as the commenting above illustrates! God came to earth in the humanity of Jesus Christ to reconcile fallen, sinful man back to Himself through the atonement of the cross and powerful resurrection. The greatest sin imaginable is to mock and scorn such love and turn away from it!

  5. Age of reason, how funny. After two world wars and now entering the third, I wonder who benefits reason. The girl was screaming, that´s all, nothing proves religion in the affair. Believing in evil implies spirituality opposing materialisn, what camp is yours?

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