SPANISH nurses in the UK are rushing to ‘come home’ post Brexit according to reports.

The NHS has started nurse_2411594bto look further afield to the Philippines and India to keep up with the sudden decline in staff.

Leicester Hospital has reported that it has seen a surge in the worried healthcare workers increasingly halting plans to bring their family from Spain over to the UK.

Julie Smith, chief nurse at Leicester Hospital said: “Those from Spain particularly want to go back. People are worried about their ability to return to their home nations. About 20 nurses have gone back following Brexit. “Quite a number were about to move their families over there but now feel this is a risky move.”

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  1. This is yet another example of how people were lied to by the Leave campaign. They focused on EU expat workers (not immigrants because most of them don’t take citizenship or stay in the UK for life) while ignoring non-EU immigration which will increase when EU nationals leave and they have to go to places like the Philippines and India to fill the vacancies. Own goal or what. Is it possible to obtain a degree in stupidity?

    One other point, I think it’s good that Spaniards have been able to get work experience in the UK during the economic downturn and Brits (and those with English as their second language) who relocate to Spain reep the benefits of that experience when said Spaniards return to work in Spain and speak fluent English. I don’t suppose many people thought of that.

  2. I’ve yet to meet any Spaniard who spoke fluent English. When living in Galicia I met a coupole who had emigrated in their late 20s’ and went to live in Eastbourne. After 25 years they returned home to Ortigueria. Their English was appalling and when I asked them how many different English dishes they had tried they said none, it did’nt surpise me.

    Most Spanish who move to another country never make an attempt to integrate and their language students who come to the UK learn very little English. This is in contrast to to German and Japanese students who study hard. Same can be said for all southern Europeans, it’s a question of mentality and the ability to focus.

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