Franco-new2CHURCHES across the country are holding masses to mark the 40th anniversary of dictator General Franco’s death. 

Today marks the anniversary of the end of Franco’s 36-year rule.

Anniversary memorials have been taking place since Wednesday and have come under criticism by the relations of hundreds of thousands of people who were killed or disappeared during the dictator’s rule.

At least 16 Catholic churches are to hold services, including the basilica at the Valley of the Fallen, where the general is buried in a tomb built by political prisoners.

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  1. I hope they are celebrating that this evil, degenerate man is dead. I can’t think of any other valid reason why Spain would have any warm and fuzzy feelings toward someone who is currently in the same place as Hitler, Pol Pot etc etc..

  2. The victory of Franco against the Republic would been absolutely impossible without the covert aid of UK.
    To claim that Franco was an evil man, it is wrong; He was a man that acted according his ideals, and claim that he was a degenerate is more wrong ; he conducted his private life in an exemplary way.

    I´m not a supporter of Franco and his political ideals, but it think that it is a mistake to insult any man without base.

  3. Franco, a disgrace to the Celtaech could never have succeeded without the brazenly open support of the Austrian/German and Italian Fascists, especially German and Italian pilots with modern fighters and bombers, who were more than happy to bomb civilians. They also supplied lots of modern artillery and tanks, Panzer MK11s. Neither could he have succeeded without the brazenly open efforts of the British and French elites to disrupt or stop as much help for the Republic as they could – all factual history and accepted worldwide.

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