Thursday, November 26, 2020
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London Diaries – Thanking our NHS heroes

SOME superheroes don’t wear capes.

CORONAVIRUS DIARY: Day 20 of Spain’s lockdown and Mamma lays down Easter break survival rules

Easter at home with no set homework, I’m dreading it already

CORONAVIRUS DIARY: Day 16 of Spain’s lockdown and Mamma is feeling more confused than ever

Now, not only do I NOT know what day it is. I no longer know what time it is.

London diaries – Queues outside banks, empty roads, busy parks and a packed Tube

AS someone who’s constantly watching and reading the Spanish news and the situation in Spain, I appreciate how important it is to stay home, so I try to apply the same principles during my self-isolation in London.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY: These are the 12 national holidays in Spain and Andalucia in 2020

In Andalucia eight holidays fall on either a Friday or Monday