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Moorish Castle lights green as Gibraltar mourns casualties of Friday night’s earthquake in Morocco

THE Moorish Castle was lit green in solidarity with Morocco on Saturday as Gibraltar expressed its concern for the strong earthquake that struck the...

Gibraltar ramps up cultural and business links with Morocco opening office and holding events in Tangier

GIBRALTAR is ramping up cultural and business links with the Moroccan city of Tangier as the Rock moves ever closer to a possible hard...

Customs officers find two tonnes of hash valued at £9 million floating in the sea east of Gibraltar

CUSTOMS officers have seized two tonnes of hashish they found floating in British waters on the eastern side of the Rock. Authorities worked out that...

Gibraltar University meets with shipping heads in Morocco to discuss further training links

THE University of Gibraltar is firming up ties with Morocco’s shipping industry to start working together on training opportunities. The latest links follow the success...

Gibraltar artists hold exhibition in Morocco as part of pandemic delayed cultural exchange

VARIOUS artists from Gibraltar will be exhibiting their work in Tangier throughout February as part of the Rock’s cultural exchange with its Moroccan neighbour. The...

Writers invited to help form new Gibraltar library in Morocco’s northern city of Tangier

WRITERS in Gibraltar are getting the opportunity to donate a copy of their published books to create a library of local authors in the...

Wanted Interpol man caught as he set foot on the Rock yesterday

A WANTED suspected drug smuggler has been arrested coming into Gibraltar and will now be extradited to Morocco for trial.

Massive police operation breaks up migrant smuggling ring that used Gibraltar to reach all of Europe

The organised crime group made over €1million since the ring was first detected in November 2018, smuggling around 130 Moroccans into the EU.

UK ambassador to Morocco angers Gibraltar government with comments over not wanting to ‘have problems with the Spaniards’ in...

Possibilities of electricity export and business links could be hampered by not wanting to offend Spain, according to the Rabat-based UK ambassador.




Spain sees convictions for homophobic hate crimes spike in 2022

CONVICTIONS in Spain for homophobic hate crimes rose 25% in 2022 compared to the year before. That’s according to a yearly report from the...


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