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Wildfire in Spain’s Tenerife Takes Toll on Animals: Over a thousand hens, 230 goats, and more than 200 dogs...

THE ongoing wildfire in Tenerife, which ignited in the island's mountainous terrain last Tuesday, continues to wreak havoc. Not only has it compelled the confinement...

Mini tornado which hit Spain’s Costa del Sol kills livestock in La Atalaya de Mijas

A MINI tornado has caused the death of 14 sheep in La Atalaya de Mijas. As confirmed yesterday, Tuesday December 6, by the City Council of...

IN PICS: Why sheep flocked onto historic Madrid streets in Spain

SHEEP replaced traffic on Madrid streets on Sunday with shepherds steering their flocks through the heart of the capital along ancient migration routes. The annual...

Greenpeace protest at Spain’s top meat producer over pollution caused by mass livestock farming

GREENPEACE protestors dressed in red jumpsuits staged a protest at the headquarters of the Murcia-based meat production company El Pozo on Tuesday. Around 20 environmentalists...

Spain to convene Drought Committee ‘in next few days’

SPAIN is experiencing some of the worst droughts in the last 20 years, according to climate scientists. Water reserves in some regions in Spain are...

Spain’s Andalucia considered ‘key’ territory in recovery of Iberian imperial eagle

THE Spanish Imperial Eagle, also known as the Iberian imperial eagle, Spanish eagle, or Adalbert's eagle, was close to global extinction in the 1960s...

AFTER WILDFIRE: Spain’s Andalucia to receive 50 tonnes of feed for livestock on Sierra Bermeja farms

THE Junta has received 50 tonnes of feed for livestock to help farms cope with the aftermath of the Sierra Bermeja wildfire. According to Fernando...

FROM FARM TO FORK: EU announces farming overhaul to improve animal welfare and tackle climate change

Other aims of the European strategy include tackling climate change, protecting the environment, ensuring fair economic returns for producers at every stage of the supply chain, and boosting organic farming.

Royal May Fair of Ronda 2015

Ronda's annual May Fair opens to showcase the best of agriculture, livestock and produce from across the Serrania

Call for livestock drug deadly to vultures to be outlawed in Spain

A pain-killing anti-inflamatory drug used on livestock is lethal to vultures that feed on contaminated carrion

Sheep paraded through Madrid in defence of ancient herding rights

Shepherds from across Spain descend on the capital accompanied by their wooly friends




Skiing in Spain’s Sierra Nevada: How the ‘Costa del Ski’ is perfect for Christmas card snowscapes and adrenaline-pumping thrills

"THERE’S no way I’m skiing down that. I’ll walk up, get my ski and take the lift down," insisted my Olive Press colleague, looking...


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