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Spain’s new economy minister is named by Pedro Sanchez and gets sworn in by King Felipe

ECONOMIST and civil servant Carlos Cuerpo has been sworn in as Spain's new economy and trade minister by King Felipe at a ceremony on...

Government announces scholarships of up to €7,000 for people wanting to become civil servants

SCHOLARSHIPS of up to €7,000 for those studying to become public servants have been announced by the Spanish Government.  The application process to benefit from...

Spain’s new windfall tax on banks and energy companies could raise more money than predicted

A new windfall tax on excess profits made by banks and energy companies in Spain could net more than the €3 billion forecast for...

Spain cuts windfall tax grab on energy firms to win support of regional political parties

CONGRESS has approved a new windfall tax on excess profits made by energy firms but only after the government agreed to changes demanded by...

MUST READ: European Court of Justice rules against Spain’s Modelo 720 foreign asset law including system of excessive fines

EUROPE'S top court says Spain broke EU laws by imposing harsh penalties on Spanish residents who failed to declare property and bank accounts they...

Tax cuts on electricity bills in Spain extended until April 2022 as wholesale prices reach new record high

TAXES on electricity bills in Spain will continue at lower rates until at least April 2022. The announcement was made in Congress this Wednesday by...

QUICK APOLOGY as Spain flip-flops over COVID-19 tests for visitors crossing over from Portugal

SPAIN has apologised to Portugal and will scrap new land border rules tomorrow(June 9), just two days after introducing them. It's a very quick U-turn...

Spain’s Finance Minister in COVID-19 ‘third wave’ warning and announces official extension of UK travel ban until March 30

SPAIN'S Finance Minister has announced that UK travel restrictions have been extended until March 30 and warned that the third wave of COVID-19 infections...

San Roque’s €5 million casino and leisure centre project approved

The Junta has given the green light for the grand return of the San Roque casino




Reduced VAT on electricity bills to end this month in Spain

VAT on electricity bills will leap up from 10% to 21% in March due to big falls in the wholesale price of energy. Anti-inflation measures saw...


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