Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Neanderthal FOOTPRINT found in Gibraltar by crack team of British and Spanish scientists

Most Neanderthals died out around 40,000 years ago, but some did survive at the edge of the Iberian peninsular

New technique shows Nerja cave paintings could be much younger than thought

A new method of calcium dating has put the caves at 20,000 years old

Gibraltar cave study reveals neanderthals polluted Earth

Study of a neanderthal’s cave in Gibraltar found that man has been burning heavy metal since Palaeolithic times

Catalunya cave excavation reveals neanderthals were foodies

The excavation found that our distant relatives were actually quite inventive when it comes to cooking

Is your guy a ‘Barbie man’?

Mistress of Sizzle Belinda Beckett on the role of macho Iberico barbecueus in the ritual of al fresco feasting

Neanderthal poo discovered in Alicante

Archeologists have found the world’s oldest poo

Spain incorrectly dates world’s biggest haul of human fossils by 200,000 years

Britain’s leading expert on evolution, Professor Chris Stringer, believes team in charge of find at Atapuerca cave got it wrong

Nerja caves discovery will bring more visitors, it is hoped

The seal paintings, discovered by boys hunting bats in 1959, could date back to Neanderthal times

The land that time forgot

Spain is littered with traces of ancient man, remains of dinosaurs and proof that Neanderthal man held his last stand in Gibraltar just 24,000 years ago. After a 6ft thigh bone of a dinosaur was found in Teruel, the Olive Press sent Wendy Williams to investigate