Monday, December 11, 2023
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Mallorca-based Brit arrested at Madrid airport over scheme to help Russian oligarch evade sanctions

A Mallorca-based British CEO was arrested at Madrid airport on a US extradition warrant for allegedly helping a sanctioned Russian oligarch hide his ownership...

REVEALED: This is the €17million hideaway of blacklisted Russian oligarch and friend of Putin in Spain’s Mallorca

A RUSSIAN oligarch and his artist wife with ties to Putin own an idyllic villa close to Pollença on the Spanish island of Mallorca...

Authorities seize another superyacht belonging to Russian oligarch on Spain’s Mallorca

YET another superyacht belonging to a Russian oligarch has been seized by Spanish authorities under sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine invasion. A...

Russian oligarch behind Spain’s Dia supermarket chain moans about ‘hardships’ of sanctions and not being able to eat out...

THE oligarch behind Spain’s Dia supermarket chain has moaned about the hardships of not being able to access his fortune since sanctions were imposed...

Olive Press Opinion: When it comes to Russian oligarchs, Spain must do its homework

Dripping in as much gold as the besieged city of Mariupol is dripping in blood, this gross symbol of Russia’s ruling elite needs to be tackled urgently by the powers that be

Super-yacht seized in Gibraltar under sanctions against Russian oligarchs

A super-yacht belonging to a Russian oligarch with links to the Putin regime was seized by authorities after it docked in Gibraltar on Monday. The...

Abramovich yacht sets sail from Barcelona to avoid seizure under sanctions against Russian oligarchs

The world’s most expensive yacht, which belongs to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, has sailed from a Barcelona dockyard to avoid being seized under threatened...

Struggling Dia supermarket chain in Spain unfazed by EU blacklist of Russian oligarch owner

SPAIN'S Dia supermarket chain says its business as usual despite its key figure getting onto an EU Russian oligarch blacklist in wake of the...




Spain wants to BAN smoking on restaurant terraces and crackdown on vaping

LONG-TERM plans to restrict smoking in public places are being dusted down once again from the Ministry of Health's shelves. Some of Spain's regions got...


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