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Theories behind origin of black panther in Spain’s Granada point at drug lord or tycoon

It is believed that the animal could have entered the Granada province from Malaga through Zafarraya

New picture of black panther re-ignites search in sleepy village in Spain’s Andalucia

The image has struck fear in the population of roughly 600 while the local government has advised residents to steer clear of the countryside

Black panther sighting in Spain’s Andalucia forces police search by land and air

A search for the wild cat was launched by Guardia Civil yesterday after several witnesses claimed they saw the animal by the municipal castle in Ventas de Huelma

La Cala cougar may be back in Andalucia

Andalucia's mysterious big cat may have returned to the area after a five year absence, after a potential sighting in Mijas


Dutch anti-squatter solution arrives in Spain as government progress grinds to a halt

THE scourge of squatters across the country will now face a new hurdle as a fresh Dutch initiative arrives in Spain for...