A BLACK panther is feared to be on the loose in a small town in Granada.

A search for the wild cat was launched by Guardia Civil yesterday after several witnesses claimed they saw the animal by the municipal castle in Ventas de Huelma.

Both land and air patrols are continuing today due to the insistence of the locals having seen the jungle cat.

Black Panther Warning
WARNING: Town hall statement tells locals to steer clear if they see the alleged panther

But the Guardia Civil said its troops have yet to come across the animal.

“The cases in which large felines are involved are not, as you can imagine, very frequent,” a spokeswoman for the armed institute said.

“We cannot confirm any sighting yet…our troops have not seen the animal.”

The source told press that while Granada has hilly areas, the town in question is ‘rather flat.’

However the authorities advise anyone who comes across a panther to remain as far away as possible and to call 112.

You should at no time try to approach the animal, according to official advice released by the town hall.

The fresh sighting comes after another similar case in Guadalajara earlier this year.

But what residents thought to be a black panther turned out to be a feral dog.


  1. too much tabernahopping mate. Check Wikipedia (for one) “Black Panther” is the accepted term for a jaguar or leopard with an excess of melanin, causing it’s coat to be black, though sometimes showing rosettes appearing through the black of the coat.
    It’s quite possible some idiot kept one and allowed it to escape. If true, let’s hope some trigger-happy “hunter” doesn’t spot it first.

    Location : malaga
  2. Quite likely you were enjoying the England game at your local a little too much yourself the other night, China plate. And yes, “black panther” can be used to name the colour mutation of a cat just like “Pink Panther”, however, use of the word “panther” as a distinct and separate species of cat as implied by the writing of the article, and the clear subject of my reply, definitely does not exist in any scientific classification. Furthermore, when spelling “Black Panther” in title case, you are actually referring to the superhero in Wakanda…

    Location : Alhaurin

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