Thursday, February 25, 2021
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OPINION: The case of British pet transport scammer Jeremy Griffiths shows just how easy it is to set up...

Companies such as Pet Taxi Transport highlight the ease with which anybody in the digital world can set up a ‘company’ and charge for services remotely.

Renowned Costa del Sol scammers One Way Van Hire suffer setbacks

EXCLUSIVE: Driving ban and website closure could spell end for long-time Costa scammers

Pet transport between Spain and UK under scrutiny

A new trade association could force pet courier companies to follow the rules

‘Death trap’ van hire company under scrutiny in Spain

Expats demand €2,500 compensation from One Way Van Hire boss after vehicle they rented was condemned by mechanics

Two dogs die under care of Costa del Sol-based pet company

Pet Taxi under investigation after dogs die while being transported between Spain and the UK


SWAN’S CORNER:- The Pitfalls of Buying Spanish Rustic Property

THERE are many property professionals in Spain that do an excellent job airbrushing the considerable risks associated with buying rustic properties. Clearly,...