Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Spain’s Supreme Court bans historic bull hunting and spearing tradition in Castilla y Leon

SAVAGE: An Ipsos Mori poll found 80% of Spaniards are against bullfighting THE Spanish Supreme Court has put...

Gruesome killing of bulls banned at major Spanish festival

The festival has become an epicentre of animal rights protests

ANIMAL RIGHTS FOCUS: PACMA president analyses issues in Spain

Inadequate penalties have allowed abusers to get off virtually scot-free in Spain but change is in the air, writes PACMA President Silvia Barquero

ANIMAL RIGHTS FOCUS: Is the tide finally turning on Spain’s attitude towards animals?

Animal welfare in Spain is often dubbed appalling, but charities, shelters and changing traditions suggest the campaign for change is gathering momentum. Tom Powell asks, has the tide finally turned?

Thousands of protesters attend Spain’s controversial bull-spearing Toro de la Vega festival

10,000 animal rights protesters are predicted to voice their discontent at today’s controversial bull event in Valladolid