Men on horses attempt to spear bull to death in Valladolid event
Men chase bull at Toro de la Vega

MORE protests are expected at today’s Toro de la Vega in Valladolid.

Up to 10,000 animal rights protesters are predicted to voice their discontent at today’s controversial bull event.

Spanish musicians, artists and journalists marched through Madrid against the celebration this weekend.

Joined by thousands of protesters, the march was aimed against the event in which a bull is speared by men chasing on horseback all determined to claim their ‘honour kill’.

And despite over 120,000 signatures being presented to the mayor of Tordesillas, Jose Poncela, to stop the event, young men in the north of Spain are sharpening their spears and preparing for today’s 500-year-old event.


  1. What was it that Oscar Wilde said: “The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible”. Maybe that was Englishmen chasing foxes, but it fits here.

    In fact, that may be an apt warning to the Spanish: when you’re accused of behaving as badly as the English, it’s probably a good time to stop and think twice about what you’re doing!

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