A DETERMINED Audrey Mahon has returned to Spain to reignite search efforts for her daughter Amy who disappeared almost eight years ago. 

Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon were engaged for eight years
Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon married in May

She traveled with Dave Mahon, 44, following their wedding in May, who is currently awaiting trial for the murder of her son Dean.

Audrey, 46, said she was inspired by the Graham Dwyer murder trial, in which childcare worker Elaine O’Hara’s body was found over a year after she disappeared.

“It’s an awful way of thinking but we are looking at the Dwyer case, how that poor girl Elaine O’Hara was found,” she said.

“The land changes with the rain and the ground moves. Buildings become disused and new people go in and renovate places that were empty.”

She added: “I’d love to get a reconstruction done. That would be hard work as it’s never been done before.”

In March 2014 Mahon was charged with the murder of 23-year-old Dean, after he died from a stab wound sustained during an altercation with Mahon in Dublin, 2013.

However, his now-wife Audrey stood by him, evidenced by their marriage.

Amy has not been seen since January 1 2008 when she was 15 years old and disappeared from Riviera del Sol, near Calahonda.

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