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Spanish animal rights party shares bizarre video of naked hunter with a partridge hanging from his genitals

PACMA, Spain’s animal-rights political party, has shared a bizarre video of a naked hunter via its social media accounts.  In the recording, a man – whose face...

WATCH: Call for ban on tourist carriages after horse collapses in heat during Malaga feria on Spain’s Costa del...

CALLS to ban tourist carriages have reignited after yet another horse collapsed in the extreme heat, this time during Malaga’s feria.  The animal rights party...

Animal rights activists slam horse-drawn carriage cruelty at summer fair

ANIMAL rights activists have demanded more checks of horse-drawn carriages at the Malaga fair after a horse collapsed recently. The Spanish political party PACMA, that...

Video of horse collapsing pulling carriage in Mallorca heat reignites calls for ban across Spain

A DISTRESSING video showing a horse collapsing during the heat of the day in Mallorca has reignited calls for a ban on the tourist...

Outrage over ‘horror’ video showing bull suffering during fiesta in Albarracin, northeastern Spain

Each summer in towns and villages across Spain, fiestas take place involving local townsfolk, many focusing on bullfighting activities. But the latest video to provoke...

Three gored in bull runs in Spain’s Pamplona

THREE people have been gored in the fifth bull run of Pamplona’s San Fermin fiesta on July 11. It marks the first gorings of the...

Animal activists in Spain call on Government to ban use of horses in fairs and pilgrimages

THE Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) has urged the central government to ban the use of horses at fairs and pilgrimages. PACMA has...

PACMA slams Andalucian President’s attendance of Sevilla bullfight

SPANISH animal rights party PACMA has condemned animal rights abuses at Sevilla’s Feria de Abril. Several horses have fainted from the heat at the Feria,...

Animal welfare activists demand cancellation of Spain’s Cordoba bullfighting festival

ANIMAL rights party PACMA (El Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal) has demanded that the Junta cancel the Cordoba bullfighting show, scheduled for the...

WATCH: Dog shot, beaten and dragged along road by its neck by sick hunter in Spain just after having...

A HUNTER in Spain has been filmed dragging his dog along the road by its neck after allegedly shooting and beating her to within...

Everything you need to know about Spain’s general election on Sunday April 28

Don't know your PACMA from your pata negra? Join the Olive Press on the campaign trail for a whirlwind tour of Spanish politics

WATCH: ‘Abusive’ Andalucia car park which kept caged camels for Christmas rides slammed by PACMA SPAIN'S Animalist party has helped free camels from an Andalucian car park that were kept in 'abusive' conditions. PACMA slammed the Christmas camel rides in...

PACMA slams hunting rituals in Spain where 10-year-old children’s faces smeared with blood (WARNING: shocking images)

"What kind of society are we building when we allow children to participate in animal abuse?"

Hunters defend shocking video of dogs and deer falling off cliff as ‘isolated incident’ as politicians call for BAN

HUNTERS have hit back after a video of dogs and a deer falling off a cliff during a hunt went viral.  The footage has been...

PACMA slam Spain’s government for awarding €30,000 to Andalucia’s bullfighter known as ‘the Pirate’

Padilla nearly lost his life in the bullring in 2011 when a bull ripped his eye out after the animal mauled him on the ground

PACMA slams burro taxi owner after donkey left to die alone in ‘unsuitable’ stable in Mijas

Dog walkers discovered the donkey lying on its side ‘braying in pain’,

More than 1,000 pigs drown in Spain after farm owners refuse to evacuate animals following flood warnings (WARNING: DISTRESSING...

MORE than 1,000 pigs have drowned in Spain after being locked in their pens during a flood. Shocking footage shared by animal rights group PACMA...

Horse dies while others collapse from exhaustion at Feria de Abril de Sevilla in Andalucia

The animal tragically died on Sunday after not eating or drinking all day

Manhunt after 20 dogs tied to train tracks in Andalucia and run over by trains (WARNING: Distressing images)

AT least 20 dogs have been found mutilated and killed after being tied to train tracks in Sevilla. They were found in several towns by...

WATCH: Sick animal torturer in Spain caught drowning a boar on tape is identified by police

A MANHUNT for a sick animal abuser who was caught drowning a boar on tape has led police to a prime suspect. The footage was...

A gruesome legacy: The history of shooting in Spain

Graphic content warning: Following the shocking massacre of a landowner's dogs by alleged hunters upset over a hunting ban, we trace the Spanish roots of the gruesome sport

Not just for Christmas: The heroic work of Estepona’s Adana kennels

Adana has established itself as one of the best kennels on the coast

4×4 bullfighting shows slammed by Spanish animal rights group PACMA

The Spanish political party released footage of 4X4 drivers chasing after bulls

Biggest bullfighting protest takes place in Madrid

Protesters rallied to stop the sport

Spanish town under fire for taunting and killing baby cows as part of festival

One is stabbed with a sword in matador fashion





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