PACMA, Spain’s animal-rights political party, has shared a bizarre video of a naked hunter via its social media accounts. 

In the recording, a man – whose face has been pixelated – is shown on top of a stone wall, wearing just boots, socks and gloves, and brandishing a shotgun. From the weapon are hung a number of dead partridges, while another of the birds is dangling from his penis. 

To the laughter of his companions, who are recording the scene, the man goes on a rant shouting: “Long live Spain! Don’t ever stop this, let the same system continue every year, so we can catch partridges every year and have a good time!”

The bizarre message appears to be a diatribe in support of hunting. 

PACMA accompanied the video with a message that read: “The truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for doing our campaigning work for us every day, hunters. Remember that the votes of these people count the same as yours do.”

PACMA is against hunting and fishing for sport, arguing that the activities are “an attack on the life and interests of these beings”. 

According to data from the organisation, cited by Spanish daily El Diario, more than 30 million animals are killed during hunting season every year in Spain, leaving tons of lead shot behind.

Around 900,000 people hold hunting licences, and 600,000 have fishing licences. Mostly birds are hunted in Spain, as well as rabbits, boar, deer, foxes and wolves. 

PACMA was founded in 2003 and since then has been fighting for animal rights, the environment and social justice. 

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