huntingA LOCAL PP branch has mounted a controversial campaign to protect hunting.

Cordoba’s PP have teamed up with several pro-hunting groups to urge the province’s government to safeguard it as a ‘cultural practice’.

They believes that monteria, where dogs guide packs of game to hunters, has ‘deep roots’ in the province and an ‘important social, cultural and economic value’.

But PACMA, Spain’s animal rights political party, has slammed the move as ‘destructive and cruel’.

The monterias are one of the most destructive and cruel hunting methods,” said a PACMA spokesman.

“Animals lives are in the hands of, in many cases, inexperienced hunters, who leave them badly wounded and awaiting an agonising death.”


  1. In Asturias we have the same problem, except the hunting associations have an alliance with livestock herders, who maintain there must be hunting of wolves, bears, vultures, even eagles because they kill young livestock. Its feral dogs, of course, that kill the livestock. There is a certain segment of the population that favors legacy attitudes, mainly that ‘they don’t have to’ change their mindless habits no matter what what reality suggests. ‘Conservative’ is much more than just the PP. It includes as well the long held anarchy of Spain’s history.

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