Theresa May will soon trigger Article 50
Theresa May will soon trigger Article 50

SPAIN has applauded Theresa May’s tough approach on Scottish independence.

It comes after she told SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon that ‘now is not the time’ for a referendum on the issue.

Enric Millo, the central government’s representative in the Catalan capital Barcelona, said in an interview: “Both governments understand that a referendum isn’t the best way of solving this kind of political dispute.”

“We have been clear about that for a long time. And now the UK is clear about it too.”

Spain is a key potential ally to May’s government as it tries to negotiate Brexit terms with its European neighbours.


Its Iberian neighbour benefits from 18 million British tourists a year while Spain invests €122 billion a year into the UK economy.

Edinburgh are also keen to get Spain on board given that it would have veto power on any future independent Scotland applying for EU membership.

“A referendum that produces a winner and a loser doesn’t resolve the conflict,” said Millo, who hosted the British ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, earlier this week.

“You make progress on the issue when there is dialogue and a willingness to reach an agreement.”

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