THREE people have been gored in the fifth bull run of Pamplona’s San Fermin fiesta on July 11.

It marks the first gorings of the festival so far, with three runs still to go this week. 

According to the Red Cross, one man was gored in the street with the other two stabbed by a bull’s horns in the bullring at the end of the run.

In shocking images, one bull repeatedly butted a runner on the edge of the ring before goring another in the back of the leg.

Animal rights party PACMA released footage captured from inside the bullring, which it condemned as shameful.

Three other runners required medical assistance after sustaining falls.

The festival’s organisers said one of the gored runners was Australian and the other two Spanish and all three were said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Bull Run Cordon Snip
Monday’s run was the first of the festival to see people gored by the bulls.
Photo: Cordon Press.

Pampolna’s population has swelled to almost a million people during the festival with a normal population of around 200,000.

Despite big protests from animal rights groups, the popularity of the festival continues to endure with the streets packed after a two-year covid hiatus.

The festival was eulogised by American author Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Sun also Rises in 1926, with the spectacle followed by big pirates which go on late into the night.


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