A SPANISH court has mandated new DNA tests on clothes worn by Toñi, Miriam and Desire on the day they were kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by Antonio Angles and Miguel Ricart.

Despite evidence proving Angeles’ involvement, he remains unaccounted for ever since the crime.

The court has also ordered new DNA tests on the carpet where the dead bodies of the three girls were found in 1992, in Alcacer, Valencia. 

Miguel Ricart was arrested, tried and sentenced to 170 years in prison in a highly publicised trial for his part in the crimes, though he only served 21 years before being released.

Alcasser Case
Judge orders fresh DNA tests on clothes worn by murdered Alcasser girls. Image Ministerio del Interior

Angeles is considered to be the mastermind behind the events in 1992, and despite a massive search operation involving national police and Interpol, he fate is still unknown. 

The national association against crime, Laxshmi, has insisted the court take new DNA tests as there are now more advanced techniques to identify DNA.

Antonio Angles was last seen on a boat in a port in Dublin where some suggest he met his death, though his body was never found.

Statute of limitations mean if Angles is not found before November 14 of 2029, he will cease to be investigated.


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