A MANHUNT for a sick animal abuser who was caught drowning a boar on tape has led police to a prime suspect.

The footage was released by Guardia Civil, who asked anyone with information to come forward yesterday.

Police only released only a fragment of the video because it becomes too ‘brutal’ to show.

The suspect is being located in Catalunya, according to the Guardia Civil.

The man says in the clip: “Three in the afternoon and we are going to capture a boar.


“Come here, son of a bitch, what sausages we’re going to do.”

The area of the abuse has now been identified as the Panyana channel in Catalunya.

Animal rights group-turned political party PACMA shared the video saying: “This atrocity is not considered a crime in Spain.

“Wild animals are totally helpless by the laws. This allows images like these to go unpunished.

“Pacma the only party that works for our penal code to punish perpetrators.”







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