AN imaginary region of Catalunya, complete with its own flag and president is taking the internet by storm as a parody of the current Catalan crisis.

Tabarnia, created by Spanish unionists, has become so popular that a recent press conference was set up in Barcelona with theatre actor Albert Boadella as ‘president’.

Sworn in via video link while in ‘exile’ in Madrid, was seen as a dig at ousted leader Carles Puigdemont who is currently in Denmark.

With 40,000 twitter followers and building, Tabarnia spokesman Jaume Vives said their slogan is ‘Barcelona is not Catalunya’ which mocks pro-separatist slogans of ‘Catalunya is not Spain’.

“Our goal is to fight against this structure in order to show the damage to which the delirium of the current bad government can lead us,” said Vives.

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