ANIMAL rights party PACMA (El Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal) has demanded that the Junta cancel the Cordoba bullfighting show, scheduled for the middle of May.

The animal rights party has slammed the Junta for authorising the bullfighting festival in Cordoba which will be held on the 14th, 15th and 16th of May with an expected attendance of 2,600 spectators per bullfight.

In a statement, the coordinator of PACMA in Cordoba, Javier Luna, said that it is ‘inadmissible’ and ‘utterly irresponsible’ that the Junta has authorised the Cordoba bullfighting show after the ‘regrettable events that took place in the bullfight on Columbus Day’, where ‘the security measures of COVID-19 were not complied with’.

According to Luna, the bullfight held at the Cordoba’s Coso de los Califas bullring on Columbus day last October was ‘scandalous’ seeing hundreds of people in close proximity to one another, without face masks, blatantly flouting COVID-19 health and safety regulations and consuming alcohol whilst queuing and inside the bullring.

“Cordoba, the only city in Spain to have achieved four World Heritage status, does not deserve to have its image tarnished like this, with irresponsible behaviour. Neither does it deserve to have its image associated with animal abuse and bloody animal shows,” he said.

“The bullfighting community is incapable of maintaining safety standards” he added insisting that the Junta needs to take responsibility and cancel the bullfighting festival in Cordoba.


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