Dog Dragged
HORRIFIC: Dog dragged along gravel by cruel hunter in northern Spain

A HUNTER in Spain has been filmed dragging his dog along the road by its neck after allegedly shooting and beating her to within an inch of her life.

The shocking footage was taken in Chantada, Lugo, while several witnesses reported the man to Guardia Civil.

The sicko told the person recording the video that he is a hunter and can ‘shoot whoever the f**k he wants.’

The dog had a bullet wound, injuries to the skull after being beaten with a stick and skin contusions from being dragged along gravel.

TERRIFIED: Dog dumped after a torrent of abuse and just after having puppies

She had recently given birth to six puppies.

The man abandoned the dog which was later taken to the Rof Codina animal hospital.

Meanwhile, her six puppies, only 15 days old, were taken to an animal protection centre.

According to NGO Mundo Vivo, the recorded footage could serve as a confession.

If there were a trial and especially if the dog dies, the man could face up to 18 months in jail and receive a €30,000 fine, the animal activists said.

Animal rights party PACMA tweeted the 55-second clip.

It wrote: “A hunter from Chantada shoots and brutally beats his dog because: ‘I can shoot whoever the f**k I want'”.

It added that the dog was being treated by vets.

The hunter has been denounced to the authorities.

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