Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Are the Spanish really as healthy as they think?

The Spanish imagine they’re the healthiest of them all thanks to their Mediterranean diet. But with over half the populace officially fat and unfit, does the looking glass lie? Iona Napier investigates

Which is healthier, wine or beer?

Wine makes you fine

Losing weight increases chance of depression

Research has found people who lose weight are more prone to depression

Too much sleep is a bad thing, new research finds

A new study has found that seven hours a night is ideal for optimal concentration

Why you should ignore your Body Mass Index

Raymond Prats explores why Body Mass Index is an unreliable tool for determining if a person is overweight and why we should use Resting Metabolic Rate instead…

Don’t go health nuts!

Research claims nuts and seeds will make you put on weight

Don’t be a Christmas pud!

Seven tips to avoid the four extra kilos people put on over the festive period

Obesity: Public enemy number one

Battle against obesity goes belly up as Spanish children are third most overweight in world

Clegg loosens his belt

Vice-PM has been over-indulging on paella and churros while in Spain


Dozens of people trapped in Malaga floods after overnight downpour while huge lightning strike cuts off power to police... DOZENS of residents are reportedly trapped in Cartama following the downpour which began at midnight last night.  The area is now being flooded after the...