beer wine (1)THERE is finally a medically authority on the ultimate bar dilemma between beer and wine.

It is known that these beverages can contribute to weight gain, liver problems and hangovers, but health professionals have revealed that red wine is ‘healthier’ than beer.

The beneficial powers of wine polyphenols which, in small doses, contribute to a healthy heart were the tipping point.

Red wine contains more polyphenols than white wine, making it the healthier choice of the two.

But is this enough to boycott beer forever?

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  1. Any possible “health benefits” of these respective glugs are totally outweighed by the poison of alcohol. So don’t kid yourself. What the hell, eat , drink and be merry, because you know what’s in store…..

  2. Nicotine in all it’s disgusting forms is a huge killer but the biggest by far both directly and indirectly is alcohol in all it’s forms. I like wine but realise how addictive it can be and over the course of my life, I’ve known many who, have destroyed theirs and ruined the lives of lots of others but it and tobacco pull in lots of revenue, so no government is going to do the right thing for it’s people and make both class A drugs.

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